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Full Scale Commercial Agribusiness Services

We are a leading player in the open field seed domain in Nigeria, committed to developing the technologies that enable farmers to produce more crops while conserving more of the natural resources that are essential to their success

Our Services

what we do best.

Processed organic wheat grains background
  • Trading, Aggregation and Processing

Our business can be described as our Trading, aggregation and Supply Chain Management operations, Large scale Farming projects, processing of crop and livestock products, Regional Distribution processes and Retail Businesses.

Vineyard worker unloading grape boxes from truck in winery
  • Supply chain management

We leverage on the dynamism of the agro-commodities markets in Nigeria to deliver a robust and profitable trading platform for clients

African farmer harvesting grapes
  • Farming

DOAK Farms Ltd delivers excellent commercial  services to clients worldwide owning vast agricultural fields where it performs the necessary R&D and production activities as a seed company

Our field seed domain

We continue to invest in our production sites ensuring unrivaled product quality and delivery service in 6 main domains

  • Intensive Animal Farming – Piggery, Fishery, Poultry, Snail, Cow, Ram, Grass cutter
  • Crop Farming – Cassava, Pineapple, Corn, Yam, Afang, Coconut, Soybeans, Sorghum, Benin seed, Rice, Melon, Cocoa, and Cashew
  • Open field crop seeds – wheat, cotton, legumes, hybrid confection sunflower
  • Vegetable seeds – hybrid open field tomatoes, eggplant, onion paprika, etc.
  • Ornamental seeds – hybrid cut sunflowers, Bells of Irland, hybrid patio tomatoes etc.
  • Oil Palm Processing

Why choose us

Secure Feed Manufacture and Traceability

Alpine green fields and cows at meadows near Gosau village at au

A team of ANIMAL nutritionists and veterinarians formulate all feeds and monitor production process in line with the latest research and development in the livestock sector.

Our farms are insured and certified providing comprehensive traceability of our products and services. We have built trust and confidence with our network of smallholder farmers across all agro-ecological zones in Nigeria. We strive to make impact and achieve the sustainable development goals for rural economies across Africa.


We will support your every step along the journey with our year long expertise


We are able to form long lasting partnerships, based on trust and high moral standards.

Hands-on Field Work

Your project will be planned with the highest standards of engineering and executed on site with top-level mechanical skills.


We combine the demands from the market with the conditions of the environment and the requirements from the farmer.

Strategic Partnerships

Let’s help you create a support system that wins

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